The Great Crash of 1929

History repeating. The Banksters have managed to erode the checks and balances that were setup after the 1929 crash and we are heading for the same results again.

The Great Keynesian Meth Lab

John Maynard Keynes was right in some respects. The process leading to a normal recession/depression could be short-circuited by government spending on essential infrastructure. However, that government needs to be relatively uncorrupt and not just print cash to give to their mates. That is, of course, where repeated applications of Keynesian Economics, went horribly wrong. It worked pretty well the first few times, but each time the government got bigger and distorted the economy more and more. That eventually lead to systemic corruption and now Keynesian “demand stimulation” doesn’t work at all. Keynes himself came to realize this and came to deeply regret writing the works he is most famous for. He had accidentally created economic “Crystal Meth”, governments got hooked and went down the same path as drug addicts.

Breaking Bad is an allegory for our times. The writers make the case that if the system works against you when you are an honest person then why bother to be honest if you have the capacity to be a Primo Bad Ass Motherfucker and exploit the system to it’s maximum potential. Of course the protaganist dies in the end as all Bad Asses are eventually consumed by the system they exploit. A fitting end to a simple allegory about modern society.

The Global Economic Decline

While the mainstream media insists at every opportunity that the global economy is picking up the reality is that the over reliance on Fossil Fuels to keep everything running has become the biggest drain on resources. As we continue to use more energy to get the energy than the energy we get from the resources we are exponentially consuming the remaining reserves. Not coincidentally it is ever more expensive to extract the remaining reserves which causes a total decline in profitability for all the players in the industries that seek to continue making money out of fossil fuels.

The vicious circle is exacerbated by the Saudi insistence to artificially lower the price of oil by flooding the market with it’s remaining reserves in order to drive the least competitive players out of the business and maintain their dominance of the supply chain and there fore the geo strategic influence over other nations that rely on Saudi reserves for their energy supply.

The foolish attitude towards the remaining reserves is extremely short sighted and selfish behaviour from a few powerful players. They are sprinting now but they will find themselves drained of reserves much faster so they will be in extreme pain when they realise the foolishness of the grand mistake they have made.

2016 is crunch time for the global energy supply. This last gasp of the Saudis attempting to position themselves to succeed when the real squeeze begins is a desperate attempt at hegemony which only has negative consequences. The only good thing about running out of energy positive oil is that it affects everyone equally.

We are all in this together.

NZ Flag Competition

The Prime Minister of NZ John Key has made it one of his goals to change the NZ flag. Instead of spending NZD $36 million on unnecessary things like child poverty food programs the Government has setup a website to take submissions from the public for new flag designs and will hold two referendums to select the best new design and then to allow NZ’ers to decide if they want to change from the old flag. Of course they are monitoring all submissions so that only the ideas that meet their strict criteria are accepted for consideration.

Flags cannot have any letters on them, pictures of faces, and should use simple colors.

Ted Cruz Takes the Crown From Phony Tony

Well, he held onto it for almost a whole year but it is finally time for Phony Tony to hand over the crown to Ted Cruz as the Stoopidest Politician in the world. All credit where it is due though. Phony Tony did his damned best to hold on to the crown for as long as possible. We suspect that this will not be the last we hear though. Phony Tony is nothing if not competitive and he will not want to give up without a fight. We sure hope the budgey smugglers are stretchy and Phony Tony is limbering up. This next round is bound to be painful for everyone involved.

Elon Musk Low Oil Prices are not a Threat to EV market

In a wide ranging interview Elon Musk covers the issue of Low oil prices and the potential affect on the EV industry. He says the price drop doesn’t represent a threat because EV’s are still cheaper to run than ICE’s. However he said it will affect sales of mass market models as they have to compete harder to be cost competitive. Essentially he is saying the mass market will have to reduce prices of new model EV’s so they will be forced to bring to market major price reductions sooner rather than later. Car companies that thought they could apply the same production schedules to EV’s s they have with the ICE market will have to iterate faster on major improvements. This is equivalent to the mobile and IT industry where rapid iteration and intense competition is a given. The car industry has been straggling behind the IT industry in this regard for the past 20 years. EV’s are forcing the car industry to catch up.

Greece vs The Banksters

The die has been cast and now the full force of the Bankster Elite’s propaganda machine is coming into effect as they attempt to delegitimise and downplay the seriousness of the Greek movement to wrestle the levers of power away from the bureaucrats and technocrats that were the cause of the mess and their subservience to the debt based fiat currency system. Of course the European banksters are trying to impress upon anyone who will listen that the Greeks owe lots of money and they should be forced to pay it all back with interest.

The simple truth is that they created the debt out of thin air. They did not lend anything that was real to the Greeks. The money that the corrupt politicians borrowed at the publics expense was as simple to create as the 1 Trillion Euros that the ECB is preparing to magically conjure out of thin air for the next 20 months of “Quantitative Easing”.

There is absolutely no justification for the Greeks to continue paying more than the total GDP in interest on debt that has no real value apart from the interest that is associated to it. The Banksters cannot seriously expect the Greeks to continue with the harsh reality of 25% unemployment in order to pay excessive amounts of interest on debt that was created out of nothing in the first place.

The Bankster Elite are not happy because this is a direct attack on their business model of forcing debt on everyone ensuring that they meet their profit and growth targets. Bankrupting a nation with thousands of years of history and enforcing poverty is the surest way possible to create a revolution of the masses.

The Slow Grind of Fascism

With the recent increase of racist and xenophobic sentiment throughout Europe that is being stoked by the global mainstream media at every opportunity there is a genuine lack of insight into the methods that are being used to manipulate various groups into angry outbursts of hate and delusion

The method is simply lie, lie and lie some more. The American political class is so caught up in their own bs that they have actually come to believe it. It is categorically impossible for Americans NOT to apply spin. “Genuine honesty” is a term that has absolutely no meaning to the American political class. Even to the point where they cannot decide if sanctions are a failure or actually work. If they serve to make things worse or assist American hegemony.

The problem has got so bad now that in the latest State of the Union Speech Obama was contradicting himself from one sentence to the next. The same problem is on display with the American support for Ukraine while they are bombing civilian population in Donestk but at the same time castigating Russia at the UN Security council for their as yet unproven military support of the Russian speaking separatists who live directly on their border less than a few hundred kilometers from Moscow.

The hypocrisy on display by the US and various allies who seek to control the oil producing nations of the world and provide weapons to anyone and everyone while at the same time calling for other nations NOT to do the same thing is obscene. Do as I say and not as I do is the phrase that applies.

In the meantime the global surveillance infrastructure and contractor community are doing their best to stoke the fear uncertainty and doubt of anyone who they are able to influence. We now have a situation where Jewish anxiety is increasing while at the same time Muslim anxiety is also on the rise. Extremist Christians elements are getting in on the act too. Extremist cartoonists are being killed by extremist military cells working on behalf of extremist military organisations that were created and funded by extremist regimes and organisations from extremely hypocritical societies.

When the CIA/NSA is organizing and funding extremist groups to fight their proxy wars who also provide direction for their soldiers to launch extremist attacks on western societies where the political leaders are suffering in the polls before they attacks are launched but see an increase in support after the attacks have run their course the only logical conclusion is that this is being done as part of a much wider manipulation. The intention is to create division and tension in society to increase the support for the Military Industrial Complex. After all, war is business and it’s a business that the protagonists enjoy. Hooahhh!

I Am NOT Charlie

In the wake of this weeks “terror” attacks or reprisal killings or fatwa end game in Paris it is worth examining the underlying issues a little deeper.

Charlie Hebdo purposefully released the incendiary cartoon at a very sensitive time during the height of Iraq’s Civil war while the mainstream press were intently focused on the idea of invading Iran. They cynically promoted the idea that Al Queida (AQ = CIA) represented Islam and Musilms. They promoted the idea that “The Profit Muhammed” *is* a terrorist. Not only did they rudely and blatantly insult every Muslim in the world they absolutely ensured they would become a target at the earliest possible convenience. They have been on several hit lists for several years. If Salman Rushdie had a fatwa against him for writing a book. Printing an image that went viral across the world is a much more serious issue. They knew that they were taking on a very big risk so they should not have any violins played at their funerals.

AQ in Yemen has now claimed responsibility for organising the attack. Considering that AQ in Yemen is part of the CIA network of extremist proxies throughout the Arab world who are simply tools to perpetuate war it seems that certain forces have decided to ramp up the amount of stress the French population is under for some reason. This has all the trappings of the game plan that was used to forment hatred for Jews and other minorities before WWII to ensure there was a big ground swell for policies of aggression and hence the destruction and wealth that was generated for a select group during that period.

Given that EADS is a Russo-French Military weapons supplier, one of the largest manufacturer of weapons in the world and is reknown for selling to both sides in conflict regions, which stands to gain considerably from a larger war in the Middle East the false flag aspects of this latest terror operation are overwhelming. With the recent moves by Hollande to honour their commitments to the EADS partnership this attack was perfectly timed in many ways. Adding in the attack on a Jewish super market that ended without exploding the 15 sticks of dynamite that were in their possession and most of the hostages freed was a “nice” feel good ending that only a Hollywood production team would come up with. I.e Don’t worry, all the Jews are safe here, we are only worried about Islamic Fundamentalists because they are the only one that are evil. Even Yatsenyuk was given a forum to promote his Fundamentalist ideals without any major reaction during this event.

With a large amount of people currently unemployed and highly discontented in Europe this is simply an attempt to ramp up hatred in society to further the agenda of the Bankster elite and Military Industrial complex. It’s entirely plausible that the main operators at Charlie Hebdo were not even killed and are now being whisked off to a suitably remote location to start enjoying their retirement as part of their payment plan. Of course it would be a lot easier to just use them as pawns that have now been discarded.

I reserve the right to say “I am NOT Charlie” and please stop telling us that “we are all Charlie”. Charlie was as fundamentalist as the fundamentalists they seek to lampoon (insult is probably a better word). Sure they have released some funny cartoons and they were incisive and unrelenting in their approach but they were very much fundamentalist about their right to free speech even if it means extreme bad taste and fanning the flames of other extremist movements.

Phony Tony Clutching At Straws

With his approval ratings at an all time low leave it to Phony Tony to take another leaf out of the George “Dubuwah” Bush, Dick the Destroyer, Karl Roves handbook for Fascist leaders. Right on cue a well known Australian Iranian “Terrorist” somehow obtains a gun and takes 17 people hostage right in the heart of Sydney. Just in case we were sceptical of who supplied the gun, ammunition and wrote the story line for the drama the “Terrorist” makes sure to get in some advertising for the Islamic State aka CIA funded “Good Guys” in Syria who have now morphed into regional bogey monsters and Petro Dollar funded Iraqi Shi’ite separatists in the north Western Iraq/Syrian border regions by forcing the hostages to display an Islamic State Flag for all the News Corp camera’s.

Just in case there was any doubt that the “Terrorist” might come clean and let everyone know how the whole thing was planned and orchestrated by the CIA on behalf of Phony Tony’s PR machine the Sydney Police are forced to kill the “Terrorist” and two hostages to make sure that the burden of guilt is laid firmly on the part of the “Terrorist”.

Cue obligatory Phony Tony photo ops with bereaved members of the public laying flowers for the dearly departed. What better way to attack the Xmas spirit and rev up Islamaphobia than organising the murder of normal Australians working in a chocolate factory in the heart of Sydneys’ tourism district.

Anyone who actually believes this story was a random tragic event initiated solely by an unscrupulous, angry Muslim needs to seek help for their perception of reality disorder immediately.

“We can’t breath” with the level of hypocrisy on display.