Harvesting Mechanical Energy

Major strides have been taken towards the goal of industrial scale harvesting of mechanical energy. The triboelectric effect is the process of creating electrical charge by two surfaces contacting or rubbing together. With a single tap of the foot it is possible to provide energy to 1000 led bulbs. A single 1 square meter pad can produce upto 400 watts of electricity.

The potential for generating electricity in the home, office, or even outdoors is huge. How about getting all those gym bunnies to generate electricity simply by doing their daily aerobics workout? Sidewalks can become energy generators. All those vehicles driving around the town can be used to pump energy into the grid. A 3 meter sidewalk 1 Km long could be used to generate 3 x 1000 x 400w = 1,200,000 watts or 1 Megawatt of electricity. Pave the most active areas of a town and you have surpassed solar and wind capacity with a near constant supply of energy.

Taking things up a notch researchers are looking at using water as a generator. A field of buoys floating on a lake, stream or harbour could be used to provide a constant source of electrical energy. Even more energy can be generated by allowing ocean waves to smash against objects creating huge amounts of power to be fed into the grid.

This is the dawn of a new age of recycling mechanical kinetic energy on a massive scale. Who needs nuclear in a mechanical world where every person on the planet contributes back to the power supply by simply going about their day.

Romanians Take Up Fight Against Shale Gas

Romanian peasant farmers in the small village of Pungesti have been successful in stopping shale gas exploration in their sleepy village community. Chevron was given a full exploration and exploitation license by the Romanian Government even though the locals who actually live where the exploration was to take place are completely opposed to any underground gas exploitation. Yet another case of corrupt government sellouts trying to abuse their power and steal some cash by selling off resources that belong to the people not the government.

This is one case where you definitely don’t want your water to be fuel.

“Can we live without water?”


“Can we live without Chevron?”


Australians Battling For Their Biosphere

Concerned citizens are battling the Murdoch Party to stop them from handing over control of the countries national responsibilities to local governments easily manipulated by vested interest groups.

Unsustainable Income Gap

The gap between rich and poor is unsustainable. Perhaps the world is waking up to the reality that short term profiteering is not a good way to ensure long term survival.

A Syrian Smokescreen

The “Western” Bankster hypocrites want us to believe that attacking Syria is a good thing. They want us to believe that creating even more Death and Destruction in the world and especially in the middle east is a worthy use of their military power. They want us to believe that we can trust them because they have intelligence that is far superior to everybody else in the world. They feel strongly that the CIA, Mossad, 5 Eyes network, Prism and all the other global intelligence operatives are completely inscrutable. That they can’t possibly get the truth wrong or be used to present a biased and unbalanced version of their paymasters perception. That they couldn’t possibly get things wrong. They obviously are not being influenced by corporate agendas or cronyism of the highest order.

They don’t make mistakes we are told. On something as important as this we are told to just trust them. Trust the almighty all seeing eye of Big Brother and the people who sub contract to Big Brother for exorbitant amounts of money because they just can’t do no wrong.

Well apart from all those times where they do get things wrong at the obvious manipulation or behest of their corporate overlords. The Military Industrial Banking complex is just too big to fail they tell us “so what we say is the truth and if you don’t like we don’t care because we know what is best and that is what is best for us is best”.

By controlling the power levers and holding the world hostage to their greed we are all slaves to their selfish agenda.

Capitulate Or We Will Gas You

Western Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Currently they have placed the Syrian people, Iran, Russia and China in a position whereby if they don’t surrender Syria to the Western backed “rebel/terrorists/Al-quaeda” operatives the Syrian people will be subjected to more gas attacks by western sponsored Al-Queada operatives. If they refuse to accept the western decision that the al-queda operatives who gassed the Syrian people in a zone that was under the control of western backed rebels were actually the Syrian Army and not al-queadea operatives then they are justified in attacking Syria too because their refusal to submit just shows that they are really bad people who need to be punished. If they do submit then they will also be punished and so called free and fair elections will be put in place to install a puppet regime that will allow the western backed rebels to hand over all the remaining energy reserves and control of the iran/iraq/syria pipeline to western interests instead of Russian and Chinese interests.

So what is a patriotic Syrian supposed to do? Capitulate and let their proud nation be run by western puppets allowing all of their resources to be sucked dry or fight to the bitter end preserving the long held and hard won traditions of Syrian autonomy?

Step down or we will start a proxy civil war. Give us your country or we will gas you. Stop gassing people or we will launch airstrikes against your forces. Stop defending yourself from our aggression and combined airstrikes and proxy ground war or we will invade you with our armed forces and really give you something to fight about. Stop resisting our proxy forces and winning key battles or will will gas your people again. Stop gaining the upper hand and making us have to rethink our strategy of stealing other countries resources so we can control the global energy supply. Look, just stop fighting us. That’s actually very annoying. Look, stop gassing yourselves, Stop gassing yourselves, stop gassing yourselves.

Hey, Big Brother. Stop being so gawdamn immature!

Ruperts Overreach

Everyone knows the Rupert Murdoch has the power to make or break a government. He has exercised his power to set the agenda for many years in Australian politics. He originally supported the Howard Government then the Rudd Government and now he wants to kick Rudd out and install the Abbot Government.

Australian Voters have a message for Murdoch though.

Western Madness Is Contagious

Despite the fundamental logic that the Syrian Army would not unleash a gas attack on a small and out numbered group of rebels in the back yard of Damascus with UN inspectors within breathing distance of the attack. Despite repeatedly assuring the world that they have no reason to use gas as a weapon on their own people. Despite the US and their Allies funding, supplying and supporting the Al-Queda terrorists/rebels. Despite the stacks of evidence to show that the Syrian regime is fighting a proxy war against occupying forces. Despite the entirely logical and rational dialogue that Assad is presenting in recent interviews. Despite the entirely illogical and irrational dialog that Netanyahu is presenting on a daily basis. Despite the complete hypocrisy of the Western worlds leaders in their lust for control over the Syrian Energy Reserves. Despite the Russian, Chinese, Iranian and Hezbollah support of the Syrian regime. Despite all of the facts pointing to a prolonged and brutal bloodbath of biblical proportions. Despite the proximity of Syria to Israel.

Despite all of these and more the west wants to attack Syria and cause untold death and destruction. Even though they have no evidence that the Assad regime used gas. Even though it is entirely logical that the side which was loosing would be most likely to use gas. Even though the people who are being paid by the west to create and forment war have the most reason to use gas. Even though there is a long history of the US and it’s Allies lying about their justification for going to war in a foreign country. Even though it has been proven time and time again that false flag attacks are the driving force for all western based aggression against their enemies.

If Assad had convinced his Army to use gas on their own people within a short range of Damascus while the UN inspectors were within spitting distance of the attack zone and they had tried to cover it up, and they followed his orders despite him being completely insane and unable to control himself from unleashing even more hideous terror. Does it make sense to attack his forces and give them a reason to unleash even more hell and fury on their neighbour Israel?

If Assad had ordered his army to fire chemical weapons on their own people in their own backyard knowing full well that they could easily destroy the opposition in the area with conventional weapons and they had listened to him and followed his orders anyway does it make sense for the west to attack them knowing full well that they have Russia, China, Iran and Hezobollah on their side too?

Knowing how difficult it was to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Does it really make sense for the west to pour fuel on the fire of the middle eastern cauldron and complicates things even further by launching an air campaign against the Syrian forces?

Let’s take a logical view here for a second. If Assad is as bad as the west says he is then what is to stop him from launching an all out chemical attack on Israel? In fact why hasn’t he already done it? Israel has attacked Syria several times in the past few months. So why hasn’t Assad retaliated already?

If Assad is really so evil that he can convince his army to gas their own people then he would have absolutely no qualms about convincing them to gas people who are actually attacking himself and his forces.

If Assad and the Syrian army is put between a rock and a hard place are we expected to believe that they would just surrender after fighting non stop for over two and a half years.

The simple answer to all the above is that we are being lied to by the Western controlled corporate media. There is no logical reason for Assad or his forces to gas their own people in their own backyard while the UN inspectors are within walking distance of the attack zone.

However, western funded and supplied Al-Quaeda operatives working on behalf of any number of shady outfits with any number of shady reasons to justify their behaviour have plenty of reasons to undertake such an attack. They don’t care about the people they kill. They assist the west in having a reason to attack. They place the burden on evidence on the Assad regime to prove that they didn’t order and carry out the gas attack. They are in every single way the perfect excuse for a western led attack on Syria. After softening up the Syrian Regime for the past two and a half years they feel that now is their opportunity to take control of the situation.

They are only interested in using force. They are only interested in Regime change. They are only interested in having things their way. That is what Banksters across the world want from the rest of us. It’s their way or the highway.

This time though, there is no second chance.

Slingatron – Space Launch System

After successfully completing their first Kickstarter campaign to test a proton rocket engine the guys over at HyperV Technologies have embarked on phase two of their long term plan to become a serious competitor in the space launch and space tech market. This time round they are seeking $250k to build a prototype “Slingatron” launch system that will allow them to test a modular design at scale. The end result will be firing objects at approx 1000 meters per second.

Of course that sounds pretty much like a missile launcher and they are well aware that their tech could be repurposed for military needs. However they are not seeking to build a weapon. They simply want to fire solid objects that can withstand the force of 40G up into space at 7000 meters/second. Even then that is probably not enough speed to get the objects all the way into low earth orbit so they will also need to have a secondary rocket booster stage that will fire at the launch apogee.

However it is well documented that objects located at underground nuclear test sites have disappeared into space so it is technically feasible for them to launch payloads without requiring any additional boost. The issue then would be getting them to stay in orbit and not just speed off into space. Of course if they also had a satellite with a catchers mitt it could become a great new sport.

The Abundance of Life in Our Universe

This surprisingly candid documentary on the search for life that is not located on our planet Earth explores many of the issues that scientists grapple with in the political, religious and scientific pursuit. What they fail to address is that scientists have already identified that life is categorically abundant throughout the universe and our planet is equivalent to a single plankton floating in an ocean of life called the Universe. The Kepler telescope is down but not out. It will continue to do important research staring out into space for alien planets. With the combination of the Very Large Telescope (VLT) array and the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) the science of understanding life outside our planet is going through a phase of unprecedented invigoration.