Comprehension is not a Belief System

The recently released study on the level of disagreement versus agreement with climate science is widely interpreted in the mainstream press as a question of believing in climate science or not. They make a point that the countries with the highest levels of distrust or doubt in climate science are all the English speaking countries with US, AU, UK having the highest proportions of doubters.

What the journalists appear to miss it that climate science like all other scientific disciplines is not a belief system. They should not be saying that people believe in climate science. It’s categorically not true. You do not believe in the scientific research any more than you believe in the taste of an apple. It’s a matter of comprehension. Either you read and understand the research and data or you do not. No one asks you to believe that the television works or that we have satellites that allow us to communicate at near the speed of light. No one expects you to believe that we can launch a rocket into orbit or fly a plane from one city to the next.

We are not expected to believe in the climate science. It’s a matter of physics. The build up of the green house gases CO2 and Methane causes additional heat to be trapped in the earths atmosphere. This is basic fundamental physics in action. We can measure the density of the Gasses in the atmosphere over hundreds of thousands of year due to the records stored in the polar gaps. We can measure the atomic weight of the elements to ascertain the origin of the gasses and the quantities of each contributing source.

These items are debatable with data sets and measurements but they are not something that you have to believe or disbelieve. It’s is knowledge that is to be comprehended/ tested and quantified. That there are large numbers of people who are unable to comprehend even the basic physics of climate science is a testament to the failure of the education system in the countries where the proportion is highest.

Australia OneUp’s Amerika in Stoopidity

Australians deserve a pat on the back today after managing to oneup Amerika in the stoopid stakes and taking on the mantle of country every other country is laughing at. By allowing Phony Tony and his gang of cronies to officially endorse the anti climate change dogma of the ignorant and selfish fossil fuel industry bigwigs they have managed to solidify their place in an elite club of countries hated and ridiculed by the rest of the world.

It’s quite and achievement to knock Dubuwah off his post as most ridiculed Politician in the world. Phony Tony can take pride in his ironic achievement as being crowned the worlds stoopidest Politician.

The bitter irony is that by removing the carbon tax he has decreased the incentive for the coal companies to transition towards future proofing their industry by targeting fertilisers to green the desert and super strength light weight carbon steel for the transportation industries. Instead they want to continue burning up this valuable resource for energy. This is even more ridiculous because Australia has abundant renewable energy resources that every other country on the planet would consider a perpetual gold mine.

Coal as a Growth Resource

The global debate on energy when it comes to coal is focused on environmental degradation, big money corruption and Climate change. The main cause for alarm at the moment is the increasing consumption of energy resources in the quest to ensure economic growth targets are met. The issue is key in both China and India.

While the Chinese are making significant strides ahead in terms of solar energy installations having installed over 11GW of solar in the past year alone and just two weeks ago increasing yet again their internal solar energy production targets to 70GW by 2017 there is still the looming shadow of coal consumption that is fuelling the production of the solar panels hanging around like a bad smell.

The strange thing about the Chinese dependance on Coal is that they have all the facilities in place to ensure constant supply of Concentrated Solar Power. Instead of burning up the coal that is being shipped over from countries like Australia and Indonesia they could be using it as the raw material for Carbon Steel. In other words they are literally burning the future of construction in the quest for energy independence. This is surely an over sight on the part of the Chinese who in all other aspects are starting to lead the way or at the very least catch up when it comes to getting their ducks in a row.

We put the question out to those who are reading. Why is there not a consolidated effort on the part of China and India to utilise the abundant resources of Concentrated Solar Power and Thorium to enable a new green energy future? There is no need for producing any more nuclear weapons as we already have more than enough to kill everyone under the MAD doctrine so dual use nuclear technology has become redundant.

With a razor sharp focus on building out CSP and thorium energy storage we can easily overcome the pollution problem that currently plagues the modern industrialised world. Surely the amount of energy that is wasted on propping up the military industrial complex to enable the insane quest for perpetual war is better spent on creating energy positive or at the very least energy neutral solutions for the next generation of sustainable growth. We can then better use the remaining reserves of coal for feeding the people of the world and building out the next generation of infrastructure including a serious push into space exploration.

Quite simply burning coal in order to create energy is a gross waste of a finite resource when we could be using it as a construction and agricultural resource instead. Carbon fibre is one of the strongest construction materials that we have available to us. Arid nations such as Australia could make significant agricultural growth targets by using coal as a fertiliser.

By using Coal for the production of Carbon steel and fertiliser it is plainly obvious that we are literally wasting one of our most important resources by continuing to burn it as an energy source. The Coal industry would do well to remind everyone of the other things that coal can be and should be used for instead of just grossly polluting energy production.

We have more than enough Sunshine and thorium to enable us to move away from burning coal. Coal does not have to be consigned to the dustbin either. It can be used as a raw material for construction and agriculture instead. In a world where we need more fertile and arable land burning coal instead of using it for agriculture is just plain stupidity.

We envision a future where CSP and thorium are used to provide the sustainable energy to allow us to grow the food and construct the materials that we need to enable the global population to flourish.

Overwhelming Scientific Consensus

John Oliver has a go at explaining the scientific consensus around the AGW “debate”.

Russian Tactic to Control Black Sea

Judging by the weekends events in Ukraine the Russians have made the tactical and strategic decision to control the Black Sea bases or Crimea and Odessa. Effectively cutting off the Ukrainian Government in Kyiv from the Ocean. This could result in a landlocked nation and effectively scuttle the Us and Nato agenda of trying to control more of the Black Sea coastline and Russian infrastructure.

Why the US thinks that Russia would just roll over and let them strip away The Black sea ports is beyond anyone’s imagination. If they are not prepared to let the US control Syria then they surely will not back down over the Black Sea too.

The Ukrainian Government has made a bad mistake by letting the US attempt to take ownership of their coastline. They will end up with a divided country and have no access to coastal areas. After the Russians cut them off from the sea it will be a case of slowly but surely squeezing them out of Central Ukraine too. That might happen quickly with a military offensive but more likely it will happen over a long period of time just like the Hungarians have done to retake Transylvania.

Russian forces will not allow the US to gain more control of the Black Sea. Up to now Ukraine was considered a Russian Vassal territory and relatively free from US influence. With the US aggression showing no sign of abatement no one can blame the Russians for taking a more proactive position when it comes to defending their coastline and Black Sea ports.

Let’s just imagine for a minute what would happen if Russia or China was trying to take control of the Gulf of Mexico. This is no different and the US should know better than try to force Russia’s hand on the matter. Russia will not give in on this issue and Amerika doesn’t have the resources to make a serious attempt at controlling the region.

Apart from the waste of energy and resources that will come from battling Russia in Ukraine The US would be better off putting it’s efforts into energy conservation. The biggest waste of energy resources being the military industrial complex it makes sense for them to start the cutbacks there.

US Hypocrisy – Psychological Disorder

The complete hypocrisy of the US by loading all the blame on the Russians for creating tension in Ukraine provides the perfect example of the problem that is the cause of most of the extremism and unrest throughout the world. Lying manipulative bastards somehow manage to have more authority and power than people who are actually competent.

Stealing and cheating, lying and manipulating, cronyism and corruption are the root cause of the malaise that affects society as a whole. Somehow the ones who are most adept at working the system to their selfish goals are the ones that make the most progress up the ladder. Somehow people who have no real abilities or skills other than making themselves look good are the ones who get to make the decisions that have the most affect on the rest of us. Somehow we allow these people to get away with their lying manipulative behaviour. For some reason we are not able to see through the BS and pierce the veil of lies.

The ones who do are most often set upon by the attack dogs as intruders into the inner sanctum. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are their weapons of choice and when none of that works they move onto name calling and shit throwing hoping something will stick and distract everyone for long enough that they will be able to make a quick exit or change the focus onto something that they have more control over.

It’s rare that the liars actually get put on the spot for their lies and manipulative behaviour. It’s even rarer that they have to suffer any real consequences.

So they attempt to use sanctions against Russia. While also supporting the Ukrainian military with weapons and logistics. Massing up troops on Eastern European borders like Poland and Romania. Flying Drone sorties controlled via Germany over the region. Even sending their ships into the Black sea with missiles directed at the Russian forces. Blatant aggression from US and the European lapdogs. What would the US press and idiot Politicians say if that was Russia or China doing the same thing in Alaska or the Caribbean?

US Hypocrisy has got so bad with the Ukrainian, Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi, Afghani, Iranian, Pakistani global war of terror masquerading as a Global war on Terror attempting to disguise a global land and energy resource grab. Big boys playing with their big toys.

What the world really needs right now is less military fapping and more real loving. They might think they are getting ahead by fighting but wasting the resources of the world with perpetual war is not going to help meet the climate goals. Maybe we will get lucky and the weather will get so bad they can’t fight any more. More likely they will just escalate further and further until we all perish by asphyxiation. The air will be so polluted with military excrement that we won’t be able to breath any more.

Perhaps we should force the militaries of the world to abide by climate regulations. That will take the wind out of their sales if they have to fight each other with energy neutral weapons. Make all the weapons and military industrial complex manufacturers energy neutral producers too. Force them to stop being Energy Negative.

Elon Musk On Renewable Energy

Elon Musk has released a short interview where he clearly and lucidly explains the fundamental concepts behind his personal and business decision making process in regards to renewable energy.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 370

Passenger airliners don’t just disappear and the entire official story of what happened to the plane is a lie. In a region where not even a small boat or single engine plane moves without a few countries seeing it, can an airliner not be detected and located?

- How about questioning the people who placed the giant short position on Malaysian Airlines stock BEFORE the event.
- How did the pilot afford a full scale 777 flight simulator for his home? Just a tad unusual don’t you think?
- What was in the cargo hold? Many high value airfreight loads have satellite tracking, didn’t this aircraft have any?
- Where were the mobile telephones of the passengers? (Several countries have the capability to track mobile devices so long as they have power)
- Several countries in the area have fixed in place geoacoustic surveillance arrays that can detect aircraft hundreds of miles away – what did they hear?
- What about all the military radars, what did they see?
- Several navies patrol the areas involved, some of those ships have long range passive towed array sonars capable of detecting aircraft hundreds of miles away, what did they pick up?
- How could the minimum of six independent dispersed aircraft communications systems “fail” at once?
- An explosion would be picked up by the early warning satellites of several countries, likewise it would be detected and located by geoacoustic surveillance systems.

The explanation is that the plane, passengers and cargo were kidnapped and stolen. The passengers on the plane who were not high value targets were most likely killed. The plane is most likely already in the US and the high value cargo and passengers along with it.

It seems the people responsible are determined to start a war with either Russia or China or both. If this happens there will only be one conclusion. Americans should be seriously concerned about this latest escalation in the war game coming on the heels of Syria and Ukraine. To brazenly kidnap and steal high value weaponry from the Chinese is an act of war or a callous attempt at starting one.

Flight 370 Pilot Simulator

How is it that the captain of the Mysterious Flight 370 was able to afford a full 777 flight simulator machine in his own home? The costs of such a machine is beyond the pay scale of most pilots let alone a Malaysian Airlines Pilot. Who was the mysterious benefactor that provided him with the funding and equipment to have such an expensive machine in his home in the first place?

Whys is it that the plane was initially reported as heading directly for Diego Garcia which is a heavily militarised UK/USA island/listening post/weapons facility in the heart of the Indian ocean before it mysteriously disappeared off the official radar for several days before finally being spotted again by the so called Search and Rescue teams.

The case has been made that the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370 is actually a kidnapping, theft and murder case. The plot is unwinding like so:

1: A group of 20 Chinese experts in military weapons chipsets development were booked to fly on flight 370.
2: Among their consignment was a batch of highly desirable advanced weapons chipset technology.
3: The Pilot being already compromised by receiving large bribes from his mysterious benefactor was selected to fly the plane to the secret location of US/UK military base Diego Garcia.
4: The rest of the people on the flight and the plane were butchered and callously disposed of by the kidnappers.
5: The regional players were asked to provide adequate cover and stall for time so the black box and associated technology could be spread around the ocean to make it look like everyone died by accident.
6: As usual the Murdoch press was asked to permeate the official lie.
7: They just couldn’t resist playing the stocks too

Flight 370 – The Market Never Lies

Clear evidence of advance market knowledge of the impending events of the mysterious Flight 370. Not only did the market start dumping Malaysian Airways stock before the event, the stock hit it’s low on the day of the event. Right on the button, so to speak.

Clearly the disappearance was planned in advance and this leads to the question. Who would be bold enough to steal advanced Computing Technology and kidnap 20 Chinese Semi Conductor Engineers and then dump a whole plane full of innocent people in the Southern Indian Ocean. The Australian over the horizon radar network would have certainly seen the aircraft and American undersea acoustic arrays would have tracked the aircraft too. If they expect us to believe that they cannot track a large commercial jet with their existing technology they must think that we are all stupid. If we can track ICBM’s travelling at the fastest speed possible to travel in the earths atmosphere and detect gravitational ripples on the edge of the Universe then surely the Australian, Chinese, US, UK, French, Russian, Indian, Pakistani and Iranian military can track a Boeing Jet liner travelling at a normal speed of 1000km/hour.

It also makes one question the validity of the so called war on terror when all the spy agencies from the major nations of the world were unprepared for this event. Either they are actually useless at parsing the reams of information that they are gathering 24/7 in which case we all have nothing to fear from the Big Brother/NSA/Global Spying System or they knew about it and chose to do nothing. If it’s the latter, perhaps they coordinated and participated in the heist.

After all, it is not like the US military is capable of developing it’s own high end military technology anymore now that all the knowledgable people who used to work for the US Government have either been killed off or retired from service for fear of being killed off… So why not steal it from the Chinese instead?