What it’s like to be force fed

Mos Def is a great artist and actor but this is a shockingly truthful performance of reality.

Tesla Battery Swap

Tesla’s solution for fast charging your car is not to plug in a super high voltage power cable. Instead they have devised an automated battery swap procedure where the car parks over the top of the battery swap station and the process is completed in just over a minute.

Of course they have to build the new infrastructure too but that is all part of the deal anyway.

Google Glass For Every Politician And Public Servant

At first they appeared to be worried about privacy issues. Now it appears that certain members of the US Congress are more concerned about the possibility that they will be forced to wear a pair of Google Glasses and actually be responsible for their actions lest they be filmed by their own spywear.

Of course this is enough to make any politician seriously concerned for their future wealth potential but especially in a country as corrupt and self serving as the US of A. Now big brother is coming around fill circle. Big brother will actually be spying on itself for a change. It won’t be long before every public servant in the country is obligated to wear google glass if they want to retain their employment. Anti trust and corporate guidance will demand it to mitigate against excessive insurance claims caused by not having your pair on when the crime in question is supposed to have taken place.

So, forget about the benefits to doctors and other service professionals. Google Glass is the great equaliser when it comes to the people rights to get fair, honest and accountable members of government. After all, if they are going to spend our retirement income before we even get a chance to retire at least make them wear Google Glass while they do it…

Syria Ups The Ante

With the recent attacks on Syria from the Israeli Airforce it is not surprising that the Syrians have decided to arm their most advanced missiles in defensive positions. With the continued insistence from Israel that Syria is not allowed to defend itself and definitely not allowed to retaliate it seems the Israelis want everything their way as usual.

If Hezbollah is assisting the Syrian army with it’s battle against multiple fronts and in exchange Syria has offered to provide them with more advanced weaponry it is only American and Israeli aggression to blame for the escalation of events. If the agressive powers of the US, Israeli and Bankster Elites of the Western, so called civilised world actually expected the Syrian Military to simply step aside in the face of extreme provocation when they are already fighting an intense civil war with extremist elements funded and aided by the same agressors they must be completely crazy. (Which as we all know by know, they are)

In a wide ranging interview given to an Argentinian newspaper Al-Assad expressed his concern that the US, Israel, Britain, France and Qatar were continuing to fund various terrorist organisations attempting to destabilise his country. Surprisingly he was not threatening these other countries but instead calling for peaceful dialog and political resolutions. He repeatedly expressed his desire to see more elections in Syria in 2014. Given the debacle of the Republican National Convention and their treatment of Ron Paul it would be intensely hypocritical if the western powers were unwilling to give Syrians the opportunity choose their leaders by democratic means.

With the additional deployment of Russian warships and advanced anti aircraft and naval “deterrents” the game is getting decidedly more discouraging. It’s no wonder that the UN has called for the opposition to agree to immediate political talks. They can obviously see that Russia and Iran are no longer content to just observe and assist the Syrian Government. Clearly the continued aggression by US/Israeli military and their proxies under the direction of elite Bankster interests and no doubt the cash grab in Cyprus has pushed the Russians to the edge of their patience.

We can hear the foam forming around Bibi’s mouth as he prepares to push the big red button and launch his beloved nuclear strike. What he should be aware of is the Russian nuclear powered submarines stationed just off his coast line.

D:Wave Cometh

Google are buying into it to share with NASA and various universities. The revolutionary technology is no doubt the start of a whole new era of computing progress. Perhaps this is the start of the Singularity.

They claim that when it runs it is the coldest thing known to Humankind. Perhaps the coldest place in the entire universe. If it is then we are sure to get some attention from our universal neighbours. Along the same lines as figuring out anti gravity which is probably the next step in this quickly escalating process.

The next question appears to be what can we do with such a machine now that we have one. The answer is that it is perfectly suited to tasks such as facial recognition which is probably the first thing it will be used for. Google claim that it will help them fight spam too. No doubt it will also be useful for undertaking certain climate modelling tasks and in the hunt for life hosting planets with the reams of data the have been collected already needing many years to process with conventional computing resources.

One thing is for sure, For certain tasks this new system is the fastest thing we have built yet.

Completely Frack’d

Mainstream media don’t want to tell the cold hard facts about CSG in the US of A because they are beholden to the official lie that it’s a saviour for the American energy supply but the sad truth is that farmers all across America are loosing their land and livelihoods as the toxic pollution from the CSG fracker’s leaks into the surrounding area destroying the water table and poisoning the local residents and their soil, livestock and fields.

In the case of many residents their water is literally being turned into methane fuel to the point where their houses are unsafe to live in for fear of explosion.

Ron Paul On The Dollar

Ron Paul gives a lucid overview of the real cause of instability in the global market.

What he doesn’t mention is that the reason people are investing in gold is because the financial monetary system has been exploited to the point where financial assets are not worth anything due to inflation caused by the continuing focus on printing paper in exchange for diminishing global energy resources with the ongoing risk that Bankers will “pull a Cyprus” and literally steal any financial assets that remain. The Cyprus fiasco being a dry run for a much larger raid on global retirement and superannuation funds.

IBM Shoots For Goal On Earth Day

Scientists working at IBM have found an additional use for their advanced water cooling system developed for the aquasar super computer project proving once again that water is an intrinsic component of the energy process.

They have a working prototype of a concentrated PV module integrated with the cooling device allowing them to achieve upto 5000x concentration levels without vaporising the PV modules. The way it works is at the nano level where water is piped directly onto the surface of the silicon chips and immediately pumped away. The physics are based on the human blood system so we know that is works for us.

Shall We Dance?

“And the beat goes on” as they say… Intriguing questions are being raised about the official narrative that has been forced on the world by the mainstream media around the Boston Bombing. The likelihood that this event was a complete fabrication setup to ensure that Boston’s best get the chance to do some advanced training before the shit really hits the fan once they announce that the oil has actually run out and there is no money anymore for anyone. Notice how conveniently close to Wall Street this exercise in Martial Law was and how completely ineffective the Boston Police force was at tracking down and capturing the supposed bombers.

Pick your Mercedes
1. Will the FBI come clean and admit they knew everything there is to know about Tamerlan Tsarnaev – after five years of monitoring/controlling him – and still lied to public opinion by swearing they knew nothing about his and his brother’s identity, posting their photos and asking for the public to act ”as eyes and ears” to identify those ”suspects”?

2. Since 9/11, the preferred FBI modus operandi is to use informants to lure ”potential” terra-rists to act. See for example the Fast and Furious<-style Iran cum Mexican cartel plot. There's a strong possibility the Tsarnaev brothers were set up. In this case, is there anyone anywhere among the vast US intel apparatus investigating the FBI investigators?

3. Will the FBI explain a tsunami of false reports by the usual, anonymous ''US officials'' of explosions or ''unexploded bombs'' - at two Boston hotels, a court house, and at the JFK library?

4. A Saudi student, injured at the bombing, who was in the US via a legal student visa, is suddenly deported on ''national security grounds'', even as investigators found ''unusual burns'' on his hand inconsistent with the injuries of other victims. He may have been a member of a Saudi clan notorious for its al-Qaeda connections. The FBI ''investigation'' is suddenly dropped shortly after the Saudi ambassador in the US held an unscheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. Add to it that even before the smoke had cleared, the Israel Lobby and the notorious disinformation website DEBKA were pointing their fingers at ''domestic terrorists with Middle East connections''.

5. The description of the car hijacked by the brothers, a Mercedes E350 SUV, matches the description of their car left at a service station in Cambridge for two weeks prior to the bombing. A mechanic in Cambridge said Dzhokhar, Tamerlan's brother, picked up his "black Mercedes SUV" on Tuesday, the day after the marathon. The two cars may be one and the same; that blows up the whole official ''carjacking'' narrative.

6. Additionally, there's a media blackout on the owner of the allegedly hijacked Mercedes, who in theory managed to escape and call the police, who maintains that the brothers went to three ATMs and withdrew US$800 from his account - not before telling him they were the ''marathon bombers and had killed an MIT police''. The driver said he was let off at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. But some witnesses saw Dzhokhar at the station's convenience store - without any driver. Then the narrative of the brothers robbing a convenience store was revealed to be false. Police scanners referred to a "black top" person. Still, the official narrative is that the Tsarnaev brothers were at the same place and the same time of the robbery.

7. The slain MIT police. The initial police scanner report mentions the suspect in singular as ''a Hispanic with a hat on''. This happened on the MIT campus, at a side street, after the officer had responded to the report of ''a disturbance''. Now the whole US law enforcement apparatus takes for granted that the MIT cop was killed by the brothers - with no investigation whatsoever.

8. There's a whole murky story about a ''stolen police SUV with long guns and explosive'' - without any details. It is assumed by everyone the brothers stole it, but nobody can tell when, where and how. The official narrative sustains it to justify the guns that the brothers allegedly used in a firefight with the police in Watertown. Moreover, the chief of Watertown police maintains that the brothers drove into town in ''two separate cars''. The FBI and the Boston District Attorney say the brothers were in the hijacked Mercedes.

9. The whole law enforcement apparatus insisted that there was a heavy exchange of gunfire with Dzokhar while he was hiding in a boat, before his arrest. That is false. He was unarmed, barely moving and the hail of bullets towards the boat came from the police.

10. How come legions of police and mega-weaponized SWAT teams searching a ''20 block'' crime scene perimeter in Watertown simply could not locate Dzhokhar hiding in a street less than two blocks from where he had abandoned his car? Even a simple Google Maps search contradicts the claim that police did not find him for a whole day because the street he was hiding - Franklin - ''was slightly beyond the perimeter''. A number of residents in Franklin street even complained that they were not searched until after the lifting of the curfew and the discovery of Dzhokhar by the boat's owner, who is now a national hero.

Hollywood To The Rescue Once Again

Just when you thought it things were getting too normal out there and the people of the world were starting to open their minds and eyes to the widespread failures of the military industrial complex Hollywood has come to the rescue again by crafting a B-Grade made for TV action movie about two young brothers fighting against the system.

In what is sure to become a made for TV, TV Movie, with unknown actors played on constant repeat for the next three years and taking it’s best bits from any other primetime TV police, FBI, CIA and paramilitary shooter. The Boston Bombings have been tidied up nice and squarely by the now legendary Boston police force. Although not without some keystone cops sideshows and determined young men to spice up the story some more. This is life action entertainment for the mass manipulated media morons after all.

These two young cutouts are the perfect new enemy for the global mor-on terror. Now every young man of ethnic origin or in fact any man coming from Eastern Europe is a villian. Wonderful foil for justifying the increased security and global checks that will be meted out to anyone who has every travelled to anywhere in Eastern Europe from now on. Expect more in the coming months until the people of America realise they are being duped.