Fukushima Redux

New videos are leaking out to public space about the activities at the Fukushima Nuclear Facility. At the same time the Japanese people have become more aware than ever of the ongoing costs to their society due to the continuing leakage of radioactive material into the biosphere as TEPCO continue to flood the destroyed reactors with water and storage tanks succumb to the effects of advanced degradation caused by highly radioactive materials.

Inflatable Solar Concentrator

Russian scientists have come up with a viable extension to the Inflatable Solar Concentrator Module. They have clearly thought through the many variations to come up with a highly portable and attractive design that will be useful for a multitude of temporary situations. Once the aid agencies get wind of the product, whey will no doubt be manufacturing them in the millions and distributing them to the millions of refugees across the world.

Perhaps they will get a contract with Ikea or Amazon.

Sun Eyes Solar Concentrator

Gecko Feet For Your Robot

Videos of an advanced space faring robot prototype has been released for public viewing by ESA. They have used the same principal as gecko feet to enable the robot to climb any surface in a zero gravity environment. The basic concept is millions of tiny sucker pads created at the nano scale are able to create enough surface tension that the footpad will literally stick to the wall without any adhesive. The next step is increasing the speed of the little robot explorers so they can work in human scale timelines.

It shouldn’t take them long before they are reaching the speeds of a real life Gecko. It’s only a matter of time before these robotic helpers are out there in the harsh climate of space ferrying tools and components to the human crew as they build the next generation of transporter vehicles for deep space exploration.

Audio Levitation Reaches New Heights

Researchers are continuing to refine and upgrade their audio levitation systems using ambisonic systems to increase the control and power of their technology over solid objects allowing them to not only levitate objects but to also move them in any direction they want.

The audio waves are outside of human hearing but the results are impressive. If the scale can be increased it could become a major breakthrough for industrial scale transport of solid objects.

Ford’s changing tactics

It seems that someone at Ford realised that they have to compete with the electric car manufacturers like Nissan/Renault, Tesla, Toyota rather than ignore them. The latest innovation is a solar roof module that can absorb the intense rays directed through a Fresnel lens canopy.

By itself the solar canopy will absorb about 2 minutes worth of driving time over a day. However with the addition of a solar concentrating fresnel lens the team behind the solar module are expecting to greatly increase the converted energy to allow approximately 75% of all driving to be covered by 8 hours of exposure to sunlight. They leave out the location of the car but we will assume they are talking about Californian sunlight as that appears to be the largest American market for a hybrid solar powered car.

One neat aspect of the Fresnel lens system is that the car can track the sun simply by moving itself forward or backwards under the canopy throughout the day. Clearly someone has thought about how to minimise additional moving parts. Cars are designed to move so why not leverage that fact. It’s viable that a canopy can be placed over a carport and when not in use the lenses can be covered by an automated horizontal curtain with the press of a button or even using bluetooth or rfid to notify the canopy that the car is not present.

Harvesting Mechanical Energy

Major strides have been taken towards the goal of industrial scale harvesting of mechanical energy. The triboelectric effect is the process of creating electrical charge by two surfaces contacting or rubbing together. With a single tap of the foot it is possible to provide energy to 1000 led bulbs. A single 1 square meter pad can produce upto 400 watts of electricity.

The potential for generating electricity in the home, office, or even outdoors is huge. How about getting all those gym bunnies to generate electricity simply by doing their daily aerobics workout? Sidewalks can become energy generators. All those vehicles driving around the town can be used to pump energy into the grid. A 3 meter sidewalk 1 Km long could be used to generate 3 x 1000 x 400w = 1,200,000 watts or 1 Megawatt of electricity. Pave the most active areas of a town and you have surpassed solar and wind capacity with a near constant supply of energy.

Taking things up a notch researchers are looking at using water as a generator. A field of buoys floating on a lake, stream or harbour could be used to provide a constant source of electrical energy. Even more energy can be generated by allowing ocean waves to smash against objects creating huge amounts of power to be fed into the grid.

This is the dawn of a new age of recycling mechanical kinetic energy on a massive scale. Who needs nuclear in a mechanical world where every person on the planet contributes back to the power supply by simply going about their day.

Romanians Take Up Fight Against Shale Gas

Romanian peasant farmers in the small village of Pungesti have been successful in stopping shale gas exploration in their sleepy village community. Chevron was given a full exploration and exploitation license by the Romanian Government even though the locals who actually live where the exploration was to take place are completely opposed to any underground gas exploitation. Yet another case of corrupt government sellouts trying to abuse their power and steal some cash by selling off resources that belong to the people not the government.

This is one case where you definitely don’t want your water to be fuel.

“Can we live without water?”


“Can we live without Chevron?”


Australians Battling For Their Biosphere

Concerned citizens are battling the Murdoch Party to stop them from handing over control of the countries national responsibilities to local governments easily manipulated by vested interest groups.

Unsustainable Income Gap

The gap between rich and poor is unsustainable. Perhaps the world is waking up to the reality that short term profiteering is not a good way to ensure long term survival.

A Syrian Smokescreen

The “Western” Bankster hypocrites want us to believe that attacking Syria is a good thing. They want us to believe that creating even more Death and Destruction in the world and especially in the middle east is a worthy use of their military power. They want us to believe that we can trust them because they have intelligence that is far superior to everybody else in the world. They feel strongly that the CIA, Mossad, 5 Eyes network, Prism and all the other global intelligence operatives are completely inscrutable. That they can’t possibly get the truth wrong or be used to present a biased and unbalanced version of their paymasters perception. That they couldn’t possibly get things wrong. They obviously are not being influenced by corporate agendas or cronyism of the highest order.

They don’t make mistakes we are told. On something as important as this we are told to just trust them. Trust the almighty all seeing eye of Big Brother and the people who sub contract to Big Brother for exorbitant amounts of money because they just can’t do no wrong.

Well apart from all those times where they do get things wrong at the obvious manipulation or behest of their corporate overlords. The Military Industrial Banking complex is just too big to fail they tell us “so what we say is the truth and if you don’t like we don’t care because we know what is best and that is what is best for us is best”.

By controlling the power levers and holding the world hostage to their greed we are all slaves to their selfish agenda.